Beauty Unframed author Lisa Elmers writes about life, loveliness, and seeing something where you thought there was nothing.

stone fruit in may, to hopkins

stone fruit in may, to hopkins

down on peach, silk on plum

keep fruit so fair (ripening air!)

unbruiséd still for bite to come


not yielding first, to tooth and tongue

yet full-globed, lobed in, robed in peel

& ready-ripe, full dense and young


to look is to smell is to touch, overmuch


the plum is marked invitation

flushing o’er and brushed with blue

the peach, soft suggestion

with perfume deep like sun on dew.


Firm to mouth-mount, fount of honey

joyous in gushing --- and --- ever blushing.


Dog in a Backpack

Dog in a Backpack

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge