Beauty Unframed author Lisa Elmers writes about life, loveliness, and seeing something where you thought there was nothing.

god's mouth, to eliot

god's mouth, to eliot


from his mouth shot the word

that fused atoms and tore atoms,

& syphoned dust to star-shapes, & struck the sun’s match,

spun up gravity, unchained entropy

& bothered to make it all --- beautiful.


somewhere in there, he spoke a someone:

phrased a frame, & articulated animus, 

made a man & sang him awake.


this all is acceptable. the mind can mind it

the brain can hold it, a picture of prowess,

& bow rightly, humbly, with reverence.


but what we cannot take, what we shiver to believe ---

is incarnation.


what right-headed deity becomes bruisable?

stooping love --- stupid love,

answers man’s ancient enmity

not with strength, but with frailty.


from his milk-soft mouth

that answer comes yowling.

a baby’s scream rakes sky’s seam,

hooking a line, between heaven and earth

of pure, potent, shared --- suffering.


voicing adam’s need, the mouth of God

folds infinity into human flesh,

& fans the human heart outward again,

to receive the universe.


Chokecherry Picking

Chokecherry Picking