Beauty Unframed author Lisa Elmers writes about life, loveliness, and seeing something where you thought there was nothing.



rose & emerald, egg-shell white

lambent moon & morning light

sapphire glow in gem & eye

ruby lip & saffron sky

twisted braid of burnished copper

silky poppy, grey fuzz on her

blue fog on the meadowed down

leonine hills in red-gold crown ---


every play of light and dark

blackest shadow, fiercest spark

each inside God’s brain curled warm

unknit still, desiring form


till he breathed them to the earth

sense explosion --- blinking birth


& the angels, with one voice

& stones, stars, trees rejoice ---


terra nova, new-made-land

sea and forest, snowfall, sand

pattern with these colors fine

a master’s trace, a maker’s mind


Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge